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Sonic EXPO Panels 2023


Scavenger Hunt hosted with RE:FRESH IDOLS
Saturday November 11, 12:00pm | Main Stage

Ready to find those emeralds? Join us as RE:FRESH Idol group puts on an emerald scavenger hunt. First 200 guests to complete get an exclusive badge
The Great Sonic Debate
Saturday November 11, 1:00pm | Main Stage
Join us as content creators across the community join us on stage to debate some of the more controversial topics in the Sonic community. Is it Hyrdocity or Hydro city? Pick a side!

5-Minute Art Challenge 
Saturday November 11, 1:00pm | Panel Room
Back again, join JovialNightz & MimiiPyon in their art prompt challenge. Pencils and pens provided for a fun drawing session with prizes and more!

Wig Styling for Beginners with mavaroon.cosplays 
Saturday November 11, 2:00pm | Panel Room
Get a lesson on wig styling for beginners with Mavy!

Official Voice Actor Panel & Industry Q&A

Saturday November 11, 3:00pm | Main Stage
Join us as the the voice actors come on stage to ask questions!

Content Creator: Jackbox 
Saturday November 11, 4:00pm | Main Stage

Get ready for a good laugh as you can be part of a fun Jackbox session with content creators!

CGI, Abandoned Video Cameras, Super Sonic Hedgehog Combat... Oh My!
Saturday November 11, 5:00pm | Panel Room

An interactive showcase of So
nic's promotional marketing history, presented by the Sonic Video Archive project.


Sonic Superstars Let's Play
Sunday November 12, 11:00am

Join us as we play the latest Sonic game together!

​Sonic the Hedgehog Rejuiced (11:30am)
Sunday November 12, 11:30pm | Panel Room

Come watch the fan-project, Sonic the Hedgehog Rejuiced

Sonic Villains 
Sunday November 12, 12:00pm | Panel Room
SONIC VILLAINS is an action-packed animated loveletter to the Sonic franchise!  Taking place after Sonic Forces, Eggman uses the last of the Phantom Ruby to recruit villains from across the Sonic Multiverse (Underground, X, AOSTH, Boom, OVA, Archie & Fleetway) to end Sonic's winning streak PERMANENTLY! The Sonic Villains Fanfilm Panel takes viewers behind the scenes of the fanfilm's development, with exclusive clips, concept art previews & casting announcements from members of the team!

Industry: Jackbox

Sunday November 12, 1:00pm | Main Stage
Get ready for a good laugh. Join us as the voice actors take a crack at their Jackbox skills.

Adrenaline Dubs
Sunday November 12, 1:00pm | Panel Room

Live Dub with Adrenaline Dubs! Come watch Adrenaline Dubs do a dub LIVE! The twist? Each person spins a wheel to see who they will voice! Come see what shenanigans ensue, and, who knows, maybe they'll show a preview of an upcoming dub?

Music Tier List  
Sunday November 12, 2:00pm | Panel Room

The ultimate Sonic song tier list: A live tier list where the crowd and the hosts discuss and rank the most popular Sonic songs.

Sonic Trivia
Sunday November 12, 3:00pm | Main Stage

Get ready for some Sonic Trivia, win prizes
and more!

Read Old Sonic Fanfics 
Sunday November 12, 3:00pm | Panel Room

I may be cringe, but I am all of me! Join Sonic Society as they read old Sonic fanfics they wrote as young fans and embrace their younger and more cringer side of their youth. The group will voice act along as they read each story and talk briefly on what it was like being a kid who grew up on Sonic and celebrate how the franchise has helped so many other writers and creators.

Sonic Sessions: How the Blue Blur changed our lives with G to the Next Level 
Saturday November 11, 4:00pm | Main Stage
Join Sega-centric YouTube & Twitch creator, G to The Next Level, as they unveil exclusively for Sonic Expo, "Sonic Sessions:" a new series on their YouTube channel starring G and several Content Creator guests to share their stories of how Sonic and his cast of memorable characters made them Sonic fans for life.

Weirdest Archie Sonic Lore 
Sunday November 12, 4:00pm | Panel Room

Let's deep dive into Archie together!

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