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FAQ for Attendees

For Attendees
  • A valid badge must be purchased and worn openly at all times. Persons who do not have a badge displayed on the convention floor will be asked to leave. Any person without a valid badge will not be permitted entry into events or vendor spaces.By purchasing this badge, you have agreed to obey our Code of Conduct and understand that any pictures and/or video taken at Sonic EXPO may be reproduced by Chaos Creators and Sonic EXPO for promotional purposes. All created media about Sonic EXPO is owned by the respective person/company. Badges are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE. Badges are only valid if purchased from or at Chaos Creators and Sonic EXPO. All policies and rules are subject to change without notice.

  • No alcohol or drugs are permitted in convention spaces at any time. Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to return to their rooms. Refusal to return to your room may result in action by the Dallas Police Department.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times in convention spaces. “Barefoot” cosplays must wear shoes or non open-toe lyricals, however, they may be removed for photographs.

  • No sleeping is permitted in any convention spaces including lobbies, hallways, vendor spaces, and gaming.

  • While waiting for an event, form a single-file orderly line under the direction of convention volunteers. Cosplayers taking pictures are encouraged to move to the side of the hallway or find an open space where they will not impede the flow of traffic. Sitting against hallway walls is not permitted at any time.

  • Hyatt Regency DFW Airport and Sonic EXPE is a Pet-Friendly environment. Only animals 50 pounds and under are permitted in hotel and convention areas. Please see Hyatt Regency DFW Airport website for more details.

  • Follow all convention staff, convention volunteers, hotel staff, and convention center staff instructions. Treat staff and volunteers with respect and courtesy. If a problem arises with a convention volunteer, seek out Safety and report the issue immediately.

  • Do not move or tamper with hotel property or equipment including lobby chairs, couches, curtains, doors, windows, etc. Do not move or tamper with convention property including tables, microphones, video equipment, etc. If you require assistance with convention or hotel property, ask a convention staff member.

  • Do not affix signs, posters, banners, or anything else to walls, doors, windows, or floors in the convention space.

  • Mistreatment of other guests is prohibited. Complaints of harassment, stalking, bullying, and mobbing will be investigated and may result in expulsion from the convention. Chaos Creators & Sonic EXPO has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment and discrimination.

  • Locals, tourists, and others not involved in the convention will naturally be curious about the convention and its attendees. Treat these individuals with courtesy and respect.

  • Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport offers free parking for overnight guests.

  • Guests of Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport enjoy complimentary 24/7 shuttle service between the hotel and all DFW terminals. 

  • To arrange a pick-up, call (972) 453-1234, text (972) 325-0899.

  • Please include your name, terminal, gate number, and the number of people in your party. Access the Hyatt shuttle on the terminal’s lower level.

Code of Conduct

At the Chaos Creators events, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and respectful environment for all attendees, creators, guests, and staff members. We understand the importance of addressing the specific concerns and challenges faced within the Sonic the Hedgehog community. Our goal is to create a space that celebrates diversity, promotes positive interactions, and ensures everyone's safety and enjoyment throughout the event.

We have established a Code of Conduct to outline our expectations and guidelines for behavior during the festival. By adhering to this Code of Conduct, we can collectively combat bullying, harassment, and unsavory behavior, fostering a supportive and welcoming atmosphere for all Sonic enthusiasts and creators.

  • Respect and Inclusivity: We expect all attendees and participants to treat each other with respect, embracing the diverse backgrounds, identities, and viewpoints within the Sonic the Hedgehog community. Harassment, discrimination, bullying, or any form of harmful behavior based on race, gender, age sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic will not be tolerated.

  • Creating a Safe Space: We are committed to maintaining a safe environment where attendees feel comfortable expressing themselves. Any form of physical, verbal, or psychological harm, including bullying, intimidation, or stalking, will not be tolerated. If you experience or witness such behavior, please immediately reach out to our staff or event security.

  • Consent and Boundaries: Always obtain explicit consent before engaging in any physical contact, taking photographs, or sharing personal information with others. Respect personal boundaries and understand that everyone has the right to enjoy the event without feeling uncomfortable or pressured.

  • Cyberbullying and Online Behavior: We recognize the prevalence of cyberbullying and negative online interactions within the Sonic the Hedgehog community. We expect all participants to refrain from engaging in or promoting such behavior, whether online or during the event. Be mindful of your words and actions, both online and offline, and foster an atmosphere of kindness and constructive engagement.

  • Compliance with Laws and Policies: All attendees are expected to comply with local laws, venue policies, and the rules and regulations set forth by Chaos Creators. Failure to do so may result in removal from the event.

  • Staff reserves the right to ask any attendee to leave if they are being disruptive or not following the rules. Attendees that do not listen to staff instructions may be expelled from the convention without refund.

  • Reporting and Support: We encourage individuals who experience or witness any form of bullying, harassment, or unsavory behavior to promptly report it to our staff or event security. We are committed to taking appropriate action and providing support to those affected.

We are steadfast in our commitment to addressing and preventing bullying, harassment, and unsavory behavior within the Sonic the Hedgehog community. Any violations of the Code of Conduct will be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate measures will be taken, including warnings, removal from the event, or involvement of law enforcement if necessary.

By attending Chaos Creators events, you acknowledge and agree to abide by our Code of Conduct, actively contributing to the creation of a safe, respectful, and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

Cosplay Policy
  • Family Friendly event. Private areas must be covered with an opaque cloth at all times. 

  • No Shirt, No shoes, No services policy

  • No Profanity or graphic sexual imagery may be displayed on costumes or clothing

  • Grossly offensive outfits, uniforms, or any cosplay with the intention of being of heavy shock value will be asked to change out or risk expulsion from the convention.

  • Attendees may not wear a uniform that can be mistaken for official medical, police, SWAT, FBI or other law enforcement agencies. GUN Soldier cosplays must be clearly indicated. Any gray area may be subject to being asked to change.


    • No live steel (peace-tied, tethered, or sheathed edged weapons are not permitted)

    • No metal blades of any type. There are NO exceptions given even if it's dull or covered

    • Lightsabers cannot have metal above the hilt

    • No sharp edges on non-metal weapons

    • May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots


    • Dallas police will reserve the right for prop removal from public spaces if a gun prop is deemed to be too realistic. Weight contributes to realism

    • All firearms must have a closed barrel with a visible orange tip. Orange tape nor paint are not acceptable. (removable barrel plugs are permitted, but may only be removed for photos)

    • The trigger can move on the conditions that the slide cannot move and/or replicate realistic gunfire

    • All airsoft and paintball weapons must be triggered disabled and demonstrated to be unable to fire

    • Attached scopes or laser attachments must be disabled and demonstrate to be unable to power on

    • Removable gun clips and moveable gun chambers must be empty or stuffed

    • Water gun barrels and attachment containers must be visibly empty

    • Firing any type of projectile is not permitted (including water, bubbles, or silly string)

    • Dallas Police judgment stands firm. Associates of Chaos Creators and Sonic EXPO cannot overrule governed decision

    • We are working to create a safe space for the expression and appreciation of Fandom. As such, open carry of real firearms are not allowed in all convention controlled spaces


    • Cannot be composed of solid metal (metal detailing is permitted)

    • Only foam bats are permitted. No exceptions.

    • Metal nails or spikes of any type must not be protruding from all blunt weapons

    • Brass Instruments are not permitted

    • No real instruments bigger than a violin will be permitted

    • May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots

    • Props heavy enough to cause injury may be declined on a case-by-case basis

Refund Policy

We appreciate your understanding that tickets for Sonic EXPO are non-refundable. As a large-scale event, it is essential for us to have an accurate headcount of attendees to ensure the safety and successful execution of the festival.

We understand that circumstances may arise that prevent attendees from participating as intended. While tickets are non-refundable, we are committed to exploring alternative options to accommodate unforeseen situations, such as ticket transfers or exchanges, whenever possible.

If you are unable to attend the event, we encourage you to explore options for transferring your ticket to another individual who can enjoy the festival in your place. This way, you can ensure that your ticket does not go to waste and that another Sonic enthusiast can experience the excitement of Sonic EXPO.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding ticket transfers or other related matters, please contact our dedicated customer support team at We will do our best to accommodate your needs and provide appropriate solutions.

We appreciate your support and understanding of our non-refundable ticket policy. Your commitment helps us create an exceptional event experience for all attendees.

COVID Policy

The health and safety of our attendees, creators, guests, and staff members are of utmost importance to us at Chaos Creators. We are closely monitoring the current COVID-19 trends and adjusting our policies accordingly to ensure a safe and responsible event experience for all.

In light of the current situation, we are pleased to inform you that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has deemed that COVID-19 is no longer classified as a public health emergency. However, we remain committed to taking necessary precautions to prioritize the well-being of our community.

  • Vaccination: We strongly encourage all attendees, creators, guests, and staff members to get vaccinated against COVID-19. While proof of vaccination is not required, we trust that individuals will act responsibly and prioritize their health and the well-being of others by being vaccinated.

  • Face Coverings: Face coverings are not required at Sonic EXPO However, we respect the personal choices of attendees and encourage those who feel more comfortable wearing masks to do so.

  • Sanitation: We will have sanitary products readily available throughout the event venue. Hand sanitizing stations will be accessible, and we encourage all attendees to practice good hand hygiene by washing their hands frequently.

Please note that our Covid Policy is subject to change based on any updated health guidelines or regulations that may arise closer to the event. We are committed to maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone attending Chaos Creators events.

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