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FAQ for Tabling

Artist Alley & Exhibitor FAQ
  • When and where is Sonic Expo being held? 
    November 11-12, 2023
    Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport 
    DFW International Airport, 2334 N International Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75261


  • What does each table come with?
    Each space comes with one table (6 ft x 2.5 ft), two chairs, and two Sonic EXPO badges. If you are an exhibitor/vendor, each space will be measured 10 ft. by 10 ft.

  • How much does a table cost?
    Each space costs $150 USD.

  • What is the difference between artist alley and vendors/exhibitors?
    Artist alley tables are for those who create, make, and draw Sonic the Hedgehog related artwork to sell, usually in the form of handmade or small batch produced merchandise such as prints, stickers, keychains, and pins, to name a few. Vendors/exhibitors are offered for one of two groups of people: vendors sell officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog merch, while exhibitors wish to showcase a talent, community, or project to the masses, and can sell or promote using various merch if they so wish. 

  • If I’m an artist, can I split the table with another artist?
    Artists can choose to table alone or split the table space with one other artist of their choosing when filling out the form. If deciding to split with another artist, one person must be chosen as the "primary artist", which is where contact and payment invoice will be forwarded to.

  • What are the guidelines for submitting applications?
    - Applicants should have art and/or merchandise examples that are Sonic and/or SEGA themed. Merch of other IPs is acceptable and can be sold at the expo, as long as there is a variety of Sonic/SEGA themed art within your shop or portfolio link. 
    - No bootleg, traced, or stolen material; this includes using someone else's fanart as well as official media in prohibited ways.
    - Crafts upcycled from official merchandise such as fabric, toys, comics, etc. are allowed. 
    - No explicit/NSFW material allowed.


  • How are submissions accepted?
    Due to the limited space of the venue and the number of applicants we're expecting to receive, it is anticipated that not everyone who applies will get a table. Applications will be juried and selected by members of the Sonic Expo staff based on what is showcased in your portfolio or shop link. 

  • When is the deadline for applications?
    The deadline for applications is Friday, September 8th, 2023 @ 11:59PM CST. 

  • When can I expect to hear back if I was accepted into the expo?
    Acceptance emails will be sent on Wednesday, September 13th, 2023. 

  • How can I pay for my table once accepted?
    All payment will be handled through PayPal invoices, which will be sent via email once accepted. Table payment is due by Saturday, September 30th, 2023. Failure to pay by this date means your table is forfeited.

  • Is there an option to be put on a waitlist if I did not get accepted?
    For artists, if you are not selected to have a table, there is an option to sign up for a waitlist in the case of any potential dropouts. In the event that space is opened up, you will be reached out by email if you are selected to fill.

  • What are the policies for table cancellation?
    In the event you are accepted but are no longer able to attend Sonic Expo, please let the staff know as soon as possible. If you inform staff of cancellation by October 14th, we can refund your table, however we unfortunately cannot issue any refunds beyond this date.

  • Do I need a tax ID to sell at Sonic Expo?
    When accepted, you are expected to have a valid Texas tax ID (EIN) to sell in the artist's alley. You do not need one at the time of application or acceptance, but it should be ready in time for Sonic Expo. Creating one is easy and can be done so here:

  • What’s the process for table setup and teardown?
    Artists can set up the day before the event (Friday, November 10th) and/or the morning of (Saturday, November 11th), exact times TBA in a later email. Teardown will happen promptly after the event is finished on Sunday.

  • I have a question here that isn’t answered. What should I do?
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us @, or reach out to the Artist Alley and Vendor/Exhibitor coordinator Sen on Twitter (@mightysen), Discord (mightysen) or Instagram (@mightysen).

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